2017 Member Organizations

Karen P. Campbell, Esq.
North Florida Office of Public Guardian, Inc.
President, FPGC

Tamara Cribben, J.D.
Aging Solutions, Inc.
Vice President, FPGC

Cathy Ackerman, Esq.
Fifth Circuit Public Guardian Corporation
Secretary, FPGC

Peggy DeVivo
Tenth Circuit Public Guardian
Treasurer, FPGC

Patrick Weber, Esq.
Charlotte & Collier County Public Guardian

Rena Taylor, Esq.
Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County

Kathleen Houseweart
LSF Guardianship Services, Inc.
12th and 13th Judicial Circuits

Marcia Thompson
LSF Guardianship Services, Inc.
1st Judicial Circuit

Barbara Reiser
Guardianship Care Group, Inc.

Jenny Shuff-Dowd
Seniors First, Inc.

Morgan Libbey
The Public Guardianship Program of Indian River County

Eloisa Ramos
Barry University of Social Work

Heather McInnis
Eighth Circuit Public Guardian

Cristina Rabogo
Osceola County on Aging

Mary Lou McKennon
Council on Aging of Volusia County